The Importance of Away Meets

As I wake up from 3 days and 2 nights away at a meet with Derbyshire’s best I look back and reflect.

Taking time to reflect how much we learnt as individuals and a team, also the benefit of of developing athletes to be self-responsible. 

As an athlete we need to be self-responsible; we need to be able to organise ourselves, from getting up in morning on time and attending breakfast, allowing sufficient time to get our kit ready and leave on time. Some swimmers got theirs ready the night before, some before breakfast and the rest after breakfast before we leave; the ones who did it earliest were the most relaxed en-route to the competition whilst the others were flustered and panicking they may have forgotten something. 

The competition was never designed for fast swims; it was designed for swimmers to deal with situations with no safety net, float or sink! No parents were present, no one supporting them; only a few coaches present to guide them at the pool. 

They were given few boundaries and a lot of leeway; they choose what to eat and soon learnt poor choices came at a cost, chips were a 2k swim down! Being caught poolside with chocolate was a 3k swim down! Expectations were addressed but we learn through our mistakes and as the weekend went on lessons were learnt and behaviours were positively influenced, by others and consequences. 

They learnt how to focus and organise themselves, before, during and after races; they understood the routine expected as similar distractions were not present. 

Our swimmers turned up as kids and left as maturing young adults realising they can support themselves and do not need to rely on or seek support other than their teammates and coaches. 

One of my philosophy’s as always been to build a strong team cohesion and individuals will flourish; this weekend they came along way in doing that. We had tears, we had smiles but together we pulled together and left laughing and ready to take our next challenge on!

Being Fearless is about inspiring others to believe they can achieve; to take the positives out of every performance and develop them socially and mentally to just deal with it! No matter obstacles they face.


Fearless Leader